Why I love working for a big organization

Many of my friends are lucky enough (and talented enough) to be working for small companies in the tech industry. I love hearing them talk about the way their business can pivot. I love the flexibility and quick change that often come with working in such an environment. I also love the casual culture that permeates companies rife with the "start up" feel.

I work in a monstrous bureaucracy, which in so many ways represents the opposite of all that.

And I love it.

The big picture - I work for a publishing services department. This means that everything from content creation to printing, web publishing, video production, and translation all happen under one umbrella. My mind deals well with the big picture, often better than with analyzing details. I enjoy working alongside creative people who make awesome content. I enjoy seeing the process from start to finish. Most of all, I love the opportunity to learn from people in different, but related fields. I get to spend some of my office time at a motion picture studio, for example. That's awesome.

Mentorship - Extraordinary individuals work in organizations of all sizes. What sets a large organization apart is the sheer number of experienced professionals who surround me at all times. I graduated from my school program about a year and a half ago, which means that virtually all of my coworkers have much more experience than I do. Veteran localizer? Across the hall. Veteran designer? Third door on the left. Veteran project manager? One floor up. Veteran [fill in the blank]? Somewhere near. The wells of wisdom in a big organization are plentiful and deep.

Clout - As a brand new professional, this was perhaps the most surprising aspect of working for a large, established organization. When people find out where I work, it lends me a measure of credibility I would not otherwise enjoy. Whether that is warranted is another question, but it is a real thing. I've felt it at conferences and chatting with vendors, among other places. This comes with a responsibility to represent the organization the very best I can.

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