Three reasons localization might be right for you

You love technology - Technology touches localization at every turn. Websites, software applications, medical devices, and scientific instruments are constantly being adapted for use outside the market in which they are developed and manufactured. Additionally, localizers use technology daily to help them in their work. A whole family of tools has grown up around localization. Generally, these tools are referred to as Computer Assisted Translation tools (CAT). CAT tools range from basic translation memory databases and translation workbenches to machine translation engines (think Google Translate) to comprehensive translation management systems.

You love languages - Translation and linguistics are central to localization. True, translation from one language to another is only one piece of a localization strategy, but it is a piece that can make all the difference. Even if you are not a linguist or a translator, a strong interest in languages might indicate you are a good fit for the field of localization. You'll be dealing with languages every day!

You love a challenge - Language, culture, business, project management--these are complicated spaces in which to work! Localization lives in all of these spaces at once. If you find today's increasingly global economy fascinating, there's no better place for you than in localization. Whether you work as a program manager, project manager, engineer, or in any of a number of other localization roles, you will be involved in helping businesses and organizations solve some of their most pressing international issues.